On Saturday, October 29, we capped off a busy fall wedding season in Hempstead, Texas. Here, we designed hand-laid runners, a breathtaking ceremony altar overlooking a gorgeous little country pond, small touches, and the sweetest autumn bouquet you ever did see. I love the way the colors timed together, and the way these wispy pieces all pulled together to create a “just picked from the garden” dreaminess that we all know and love. Let’s break it down, shall we?
Lisianthus: I love the way Lisianthus blooms move and sway off the stem. When they blow open they create this stunning flutter that delicately just floats off the surface of your bouquet.
Quick Sand Rose: Here, she’s the star of the show! This rose was integrated into the bouquet with another rose called an Earl Gray Rose, each boast a dusty romantic tone. Quick Sand’s tone is more champagne while Earl Gray is more silver. But here, Quick Sand is the prima ballerina!
Olive Leaf: Lately, we’ve seen Olive Leaf dictate our bride’s Pinterest boards. The way these leaves read both misty green on one side and very verdant on the other is a great play on texture, and the way the stems bend and lean gives this foliage a lot of movement ideal for a bouquet.
Gumphria: Gumphria, here in white, is a playful little button shape that flatters these more delicate stems and gives the wildflower look that this outdoor wedding embodied.
Brezilla Berries: To play off of the silver shade of the dusty miller, the Brezilla Berries unify the cool tones and promote a different texture.
Astrantia: Our bride wanted lovely lavender and purple shades woven throughout her day, and Astrantia provides and elegant deeper tone while being a delicate inclusion with it’s wispy nature and fluttery-ness (is that a word? It is now).
Dusty Miller: I often hesitate to include dusty miller when it’s not immersed in water, because it has a tendency to wilt and wilt fast. But, I took a risk here because I felt like it really framed this bouquet and provided a softness that was essential. I believe, the risk paid off … look how pretty!
Lavender: Our bride just wanted Lavender – Lavender everywhere! From the fragrance to the texture to the color, it suited this event so well. So, using the more substantial Spanish Lavender, I carefully timed it throughout the bouquet to pop that subtle dose of purple.
Seeded Eucalyptus: Those Pink House followers know the Seeded Eucalyptus is some of my favorite framing foliage. No different in this case!
Ranunculus: Ranunculus petals are so soft and romantic. They are one of my all time favorites, and in this bouquet we had so many fluttery textures I felt that we needed some roundness to … well … round it out.
Hellebore: Rarely are there stems out there as romantic as Hellebore. The way it bends, folds open to reveal shades of monochromatic tone-on-tone, the multiple little petals on each stem. Golly, she’s a pretty flower, and that bright, bold green was so needed here.
I can’t list enough reasons why I love this bouquet so much, but when I finished it off with just a simple champagne ribbon, I had a feelin similar to what I think “beaming with pride” feels like. I didn’t want to hand it over … occupational hazard it seems!

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