The art of an elegant table is just that: an art. It’s not fussy or overworked or mundane, at that. it bears some nod to the creative vision of the hostess, and it should represent both the event, what’s being served and the season. 
While a focal centerpiece will never go out of style, the table runner has become a trend in recent years when it comes to weddings. There is no reason why it cannot become a trend on your dining table too.

To start, roll coated chicken wire out along your table to get the appropriate length. Cut the wire at the end of the table. Remember, your cascade comes from the greens, not the framework. Once the wire is cut, you’ll roll it and wrap the edges around themselves to create a tube down your table. 
To create a base of greens use long stems of greenery tucked into the chicken wire. I do recommend having floral wire handy to secure some wayward pieces, but in general the greens should hook into the chicken wire easily. You want the lush, wilder look, so embrace the way the greens sway. 

Once your base of greens is set, the fun part of creating a spring runner is adding the flowers. We chose to go with a romantic pastel palette, but this can transcend seasons all based on the shades of and kind of blooms you choose. Here we’ve chosen:

garden roses
sweet peas

Any flower with a long, malleable stem is ideal. 
To construct, start at one end and work your way down, getting heavier in the quantity of flowers as you get towards one end. We want the flowers to build on themselves and crescendo down the side of your table that your guests will see as they enter. 

As they cascade, that’s when using small pieces of floral wire will come in handy. Securing the stems to the greenery base will allow for them to spill romantically down the side of the table. Finish off your runner by adding more textured feathery greens like ferns. 

The charger creates a base for your table, and anchors the china to the overall design of the centerpiece. I chose a lighter, glass charger here to allow the runner to flourish on its’ own without the distraction of a gold or ceramic charger.

The napkin fold and inclusion of a printed menu may seem silly to some, but it’s a detail that makes a huge impact. It’s so simple, yet so stunning at the same time. 

Final touches. Straighten the details. And you’ve secured your dining experience as one radiating that ever-elusive southern charisma only captured by a truly exceptional presentation!
*thanks to Swift & Co. for the dining pieces and Kelli Durham for the photos!
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