We are learning new things every day here at Lanson B. Jones Floral + Events. New construction techniques, new favorite stems, new mechanics. This is an ever-evolving craft, and the best part of it is that we are always learning things from industries quite outside of our own. The very talented ladies of Marie Flanigan Interiors have been guiding these lessons as we’ve grown. As we work together to translate our own definitions of color, light and composition into the home, we decided that it would be fun to introduce these back-end design ideas to you, our readers, to understand a how a designer ticks – floral or interior.


This particularly light-washed room is the entry way as guests spill into the home. Neutral furniture rests amongst white-washed marble and clean lined tables. But the pop of art is what inspired me most. I pulled the palest shades from the piece featured above the mantle and gave our focal centerpiece a loose construction that directly contradicted the modern space.

Floral Design Tips

(1) Don’t deviate: our colors weren’t matchy-matchy, but they weren’t random either. There are pastel pink swipes, buttery shades, verdant greens and even dusty tones found in the artwork. Pulling the bold red, purple and blue would have been too kitchy, but by finding the less obvious tones, we were able to draw and unexpected harmony.

(2) Juxtapose: Yes, a tall glass taper of callalillies would be an easy and lovely solution to a centerpiece. But when time and budget allow, a loosely gathered garden focal is ideal for this space. This piece isn’t competing, but is leading the conversation. In a room of ornate rugs, rich colors and busy patterns, this piece would lose it’s impact. But here, it stands front and center. Use the lines and textures to dictate this juxtaposition instead of hide beneath it.

(3) The Vessel Matters: This stone urn was perfect in this setting, because it had a clean aesthetic that tied to the marble room. Use pieces that carry the conversation through the interior design.

Dining Design:

Our floral + events studio is rooted with our parent company, a landscape architecture firm. We love a garden. Everything about it. And because of our ties and passions to gardens, we seek to bring as much inspiration from that when designing tablescapes. The whitewash herb pots are one of our favorites, because they can double as parting gifts for guests when the night comes to an end.


Hostess Tips:

(1) Make it Easy: For intimate parties, don’t force yourself into setting a thorough table. Make it easy by leaving wares like napkins and flatware out for guests to grab as they gather around the outdoor dinner table.

(2) Barcarts are Forever: Self serve wine and champagne is as festive as you can get. Pair a galvanized tub of local brews beside a well decorated table or barcart for non-wine drinkers.

(3) Parting Gifts: Like we mentioned earlier, potted herbs make great gifts for guests to take home – a fragrant reminder of good memories made.

Simple Pieces:
For guests venturing in from out of town, nothing beats a more thoughtful inclusion than a simple posy of monochromatic stems in their guest room or bathroom. You don’t even have to have a collection of vessels to incorporate this trend. Here we used one of our favorite fragrance of burned-down candle as a vase. Fill with large, fluffy stems and voila – a piece of art!

Tips from Marie Flanigan:
“Fresh flowers and greenery are essential to a happy home. When projects come to a close, I love finishing out each space with a bouquet or grouping of flowers, which means you will undoubtedly see me carting around boxes of budding beauties on install day! Arrangements are the perfect way to introduce exciting colors and textures to your space, so have fun exploring options with your florist!”

Special thanks to Caroline Fontenot for the photos
Read what Marie has to say here