Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and in nearly every photograph of this day, your floral design will be right there with you; setting the tone and expressing your unique style.

In 2019, we see some new trends taking shape when it comes to wedding florals and design. Allow us to guide you through these new and exciting trends to help you integrate something unique into your big day.

Everlasting Love

Throughout its lifetime, every flower is associated with different feelings. Budding flowers are exciting and full of possibility, blooming flowers feel fresh and ‘in the moment’, while dried flowers feel everlasting.

Below are some examples of how best to incorporate this everlasting feeling into your wedding florals and installations.

Imagine flowing stalks of grass and wheat billowing in the wind along a secluded riverbank or a cliff-side fairytale, this is the vibe you get when you add Pampas grass or braided wheat to your rustic outdoor wedding. These homegrown stalks add both texture and variety to your arrangements to create the feel of an old-timey romance.

Preserved flowers add a sophisticated yet classic element to your wedding florals.

With endless color options and countless varieties, the iconic Hydrangea stays well preserved offering a timeless and clean look. For a more whimsical feel, pair your favorite dried Hydrangea with local wildflowers to create the perfect hand-picked, fresh-from-the-meadow bouquet.

If an organic ‘Boho’ bouquet is more your style, consider pairing dried Lavender with purple thistles for an earthy, romantic arrangement worthy of a summer woodland wedding.

Bold and Beautiful

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a surge in weddings with neutral color palettes. But if traditional isn’t your thing, make a statement by opting for bolder brighter color combinations for your wedding florals.

The possibilities are endless when you play with color, and each season offers specific blooms and color-combos that are sure to fit any color scheme.

Bright orange blossoms coupled with delicate daisies for spring weddings, bold summer arrangements in deep red, orange, and vibrant pinks, moody autumn bouquets overflowing with warm jewel tones and gold, and sumptuous pale roses with barren tones for a winter-wonderland feel, have us starry-eyed and dreaming of weddings to come!

Ask your floral designer to wrap your bouquets with a colorful silk ribbon to give them that little something extra!

Add an unexpected touch to more traditional wedding florals by incorporating strategic pieces of fruit. From grapes and pomegranates to citrus, weaving ‘spontaneous’ pieces of fruit through your table-scapes will create rich layers of texture, color, and contrast.

Exotic options such as blood oranges, vibrant limes, or dragon fruit are sure to add that extra “wow-factor” your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Make Your Statement

When it comes to making a statement, floral installations are a great place to start. Set the tone for your celebration by incorporating a statement piece at the altar, cocktail hour, or reception.

From reclaimed wood arches and greenery-covered chuppahs at the altar to bold floral walls and floral chandeliers, there are endless options for creating a unique experience for your friends and family.

Forget the photo booth… incorporating flowers and greenery against one (or all) of your walls will provide the perfect backdrop for both photos and romance.

A low-profile and gorgeous alternative to large table arrangements is the table runner, couple the runner with tea-light candles for a low-key romantic feel. We suggest layering the runner with a custom table cloth or napkin, and simple table setting to create clean lines and balance the texture for a rich and elegant design.

Always a bridesmaid… a modern twist to the traditional bridesmaids’ bouquet is having your best friends walk down the aisle with a simple floral bracelet or wrist bouquet. This stylish alternative is typically designed with a single (or minimal variety of blooms) and tied with gorgeous silk or chiffon ribbon.

Whether you are considering a beautiful bold bouquet, an elegant floral arch, or wrist bouquets, our team is here to help you incorporate the trends that not only fit your budget but bring to life the feel you’ve dreamed of for your wedding day.

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