Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. With all your most loved friends and family arriving, we know you’re looking to set the scene of your wedding day with floral design that complements your style as a couple, your venue, and your dreams for the day, leaving a lasting impression on your guests of a wedding that is uniquely yours.

We think fall is the perfect time for a wedding ceremony that will give guests a reprieve from summer heat. Moreover, (and at the risk of sounding cliché), it’s hard not to swoon over October’s traditional dark colors and festive decorations. So in the celebration of this lovely time of year, we’ve found an array of red and orange-inspired floral that you can present to your florist or wedding planner, to give you the chic autumn wedding of your dreams.

Wispy Plumes
Photographer: Brooke Schwab
Any wedding past September gives you the chance to design for unique Fall florals. Try a plume, which is a light and feathery flower that will bring an airy, classy, and dare we say cozy look to a bright bunch. It’s the perfect look for an extraordinary bridal bouquet.

Photographer: The Cotton Collective

For a statement decoration that brightens the dining room, try an orange magnolia garland to steal the show. We like this special garland for a table runner that will captivate guests while they reflect on the ceremony that just took place. This magnetic look can also be recreated to cover the altar and benches or anywhere else that desires an elegant, holiday-like touch.

Pampas Grass
Photographer: Unknown

Pampas Grass is the perfect background to complement a bride and groom. Perfectly placed in aisles or strewn in seating arrangements, you can use this feather-like grass to brighten up a room, and use it in bulk as well.

When placed behind the altar, it creates a serene and subtle environment, so you and your husband-or-wife-to-be can be the main focus. Or, you may balance it out with a contrasting dark color to create a more eye-catching bunch around the wedding grounds.

Red Scabiosa
Photographer: Joseph West

Red Scabiosa are enchanting flowers, popularly used for fall weddings everywhere, and for good reason. The rich amber or red is the perfect touch to an otherwise delicate bouquet made for bridesmaids or the bride herself.

If you’ve decided on another bouquet, red scabiosa can also be used as decoration, in centerpieces, or bouquets set out on tables.

Cappuccino Roses
Photographer: Joseph West

Cappuccino Roses are a specialty pink rose with a coffee bean or beige tint to them, giving them a vintage feel. They’re ideal for a timeless arrangement that can be placed anywhere. And how appropriately named, since their creamy essence charms most who come across them.

We hope these floral suggestions inspire your florist and planner to present wedding ideas you’ll love. For more inspiration on floral decorations for any occasion, visit the “Private Events” page.