Whimsical Wintery Wedding

Whimsical Wintery Wedding

In honor of the month of love, we’re featuring a winter love story.

This whimsical wintery wedding was held at Big Sky Barn; the soft details of the dreamy nuptials brought a lightness to the venue’s rustic surroundings. The couple incorporated unique touches with sheet moss wreaths, a symbol of happiness from the wedding invite, and a fun twist on bridesmaids’ “bouquets” with wreaths of greenery and silk ribbon.

The ceremony space was adorned with a copper-framed arbor, wrapped with greenery and bursting with gorgeous winter blooms. Gold lanterns and pillar candles worked their way down the aisle to highlight the romantic atmosphere.


The bride’s bouquet was a vision of winter blooms in blush and ivory, giving her a  fresh from the garden feel. The whimsical theme was brought to life with the inclusion of Sweet Escimo roses, Brezilla Berries, Cappuccino roses, White Majolica, and Dusty Miller.

To kick-off a lifetime of happiness, the couple’s paper details featured the Chinese symbol for happiness in gold foil. The distinctive feature was carried through to the reception with moss covered happiness symbols.


The bride wanted to steer away from your typical bridesmaids’ bouquet, and incorporated wreaths of green with stunning silk ribbon into her wedding party. To add a touch of whimsy, the bridesmaids’ wreaths were later repurposed to set the stage for the elegant four-tiered wedding cake.

The whimsical wintery theme continued through to the reception with rosewood napkins and gold compotes overflowing with gorgeous blooms and soft textures. The gold compotes accented the silvery tones of the dusty miller and mixed with oatmeal velvet linens for creating a stunning wintery texture.

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Pictures by Josh and Dana Fernandez

Jeweled Garden

Jeweled Garden

Gardens, candlesticks, and jewel tones, oh my!

Jewel tones are a perfect addition to any wedding palette but there is just something about a deep moody hue for an autumn wedding.  This jewel-toned garden wedding at The Parador is the perfect example of how to showcase this unique color element.

With a backdrop of a historic Texas building, this ornate and tranquil setting added a Mediterranean and Byzantine flair to this enchanting ceremony.

Whimsically wrapped in cascading ivory and white silk ribbons, the bride’s bouquet was a symphony of jewel tones and gentle green that created a lush and autumnal feel. To complement their dresses and balance the deep hues of the bride’s bouquet, the bridal party carried bunches of white roses, deep burgundies, and soft jewel tones.

Not to overshadow the natural beauty of ‘The Gardens’, the couple opted for the down-to-earth look of a minimal ceremony arch. Wrapped in soft greenery, jewel tones, and lighter touches, the arch was the perfect accompaniment to the lush landscaping ‘The Gardens’ offered

Jewel tones and greens in gold compotes ran atop a gold sequin runner to add a bit of sparkle to the main table. While brass candlesticks holding single stem florals and gold mercury votives added that extra secret garden touch.

Guest tables continued the whimsical secret garden theme with the addition of light pink dahlias, burgundy ranunculus, and Amaranthus in gold compotes.

Golden goblets filled with ranunculus, scabiosa pods, roseberry and blueberry roses mingled with brass candlesticks holding single stems on alternating guest tables to add a hint of variation and height.

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Floral Trends We Love for the New Year

Floral Trends We Love for the New Year

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and in nearly every photograph of this day, your floral design will be right there with you; setting the tone and expressing your unique style.

In 2019, we see some new trends taking shape when it comes to wedding florals and design. Allow us to guide you through these new and exciting trends to help you integrate something unique into your big day.

Everlasting Love

Throughout its lifetime, every flower is associated with different feelings. Budding flowers are exciting and full of possibility, blooming flowers feel fresh and ‘in the moment’, while dried flowers feel everlasting.

Below are some examples of how best to incorporate this everlasting feeling into your wedding florals and installations.

Imagine flowing stalks of grass and wheat billowing in the wind along a secluded riverbank or a cliff-side fairytale, this is the vibe you get when you add Pampas grass or braided wheat to your rustic outdoor wedding. These homegrown stalks add both texture and variety to your arrangements to create the feel of an old-timey romance.

Preserved flowers add a sophisticated yet classic element to your wedding florals.

With endless color options and countless varieties, the iconic Hydrangea stays well preserved offering a timeless and clean look. For a more whimsical feel, pair your favorite dried Hydrangea with local wildflowers to create the perfect hand-picked, fresh-from-the-meadow bouquet.

If an organic ‘Boho’ bouquet is more your style, consider pairing dried Lavender with purple thistles for an earthy, romantic arrangement worthy of a summer woodland wedding.

Bold and Beautiful

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a surge in weddings with neutral color palettes. But if traditional isn’t your thing, make a statement by opting for bolder brighter color combinations for your wedding florals.

The possibilities are endless when you play with color, and each season offers specific blooms and color-combos that are sure to fit any color scheme.

Bright orange blossoms coupled with delicate daisies for spring weddings, bold summer arrangements in deep red, orange, and vibrant pinks, moody autumn bouquets overflowing with warm jewel tones and gold, and sumptuous pale roses with barren tones for a winter-wonderland feel, have us starry-eyed and dreaming of weddings to come!

Ask your floral designer to wrap your bouquets with a colorful silk ribbon to give them that little something extra!

Add an unexpected touch to more traditional wedding florals by incorporating strategic pieces of fruit. From grapes and pomegranates to citrus, weaving ‘spontaneous’ pieces of fruit through your table-scapes will create rich layers of texture, color, and contrast.

Exotic options such as blood oranges, vibrant limes, or dragon fruit are sure to add that extra “wow-factor” your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Make Your Statement

When it comes to making a statement, floral installations are a great place to start. Set the tone for your celebration by incorporating a statement piece at the altar, cocktail hour, or reception.

From reclaimed wood arches and greenery-covered chuppahs at the altar to bold floral walls and floral chandeliers, there are endless options for creating a unique experience for your friends and family.

Forget the photo booth… incorporating flowers and greenery against one (or all) of your walls will provide the perfect backdrop for both photos and romance.

A low-profile and gorgeous alternative to large table arrangements is the table runner, couple the runner with tea-light candles for a low-key romantic feel. We suggest layering the runner with a custom table cloth or napkin, and simple table setting to create clean lines and balance the texture for a rich and elegant design.

Always a bridesmaid… a modern twist to the traditional bridesmaids’ bouquet is having your best friends walk down the aisle with a simple floral bracelet or wrist bouquet. This stylish alternative is typically designed with a single (or minimal variety of blooms) and tied with gorgeous silk or chiffon ribbon.

Whether you are considering a beautiful bold bouquet, an elegant floral arch, or wrist bouquets, our team is here to help you incorporate the trends that not only fit your budget but bring to life the feel you’ve dreamed of for your wedding day.

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BEST OF 2018

BEST OF 2018

With 2018 coming to a close, we want to thank our clients, friends, and coworkers for the amazing year we had! The events below are some of our absolute favorites of the year and exemplify the joy we get being involved in our clients’ special day.

Bold and Bright

A wild variety of colorful floral set the stage for these August nuptials. The bright blooms and textured arrangements brought a unique feel to this rustic venue.

A bouquet gushing with bright florals is just what the bride imagined when dreaming about her wedding day.

Lush arrangements of a variety of heights were employed to keep the conversation flowing over these romantic tablescapes. Copious amounts of candles and cheesecloth runners softened the rustic aesthetic of the room to tie in the overall romantic feel.

Southern Glam Meets the Lucky 40 Club

This 40th birthday party was inspired by the clients’ love of all things southern and glam. The use of horseshoes, roses, and wildflowers was seen throughout, with a touch of Texas spicy expressed by the miniature cacti in rose gold and mercury glass containers.


With its uniquely festive décor, lively atmosphere, and perfect planning, this ‘Lucky 40 Club’ sensation is sure to be remembered (and envied) for years to come.

Secret Garden Wedding

A lush understated atmosphere dominated this expansive country estate. A blend of white ranunculus and lilac were substituted for the more traditional white rose, in this heavily textured white and green garden-inspired wedding party

A dramatic greenery runner peppered with white blooms graced the head table and set the stage for this elegant affair. Natural vine wrapped beams coupled with the gushing stone planters and soft candlelight created the enchanting garden feel this bride dreamed of.

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6 Decor Pieces for your Holiday Party

6 Decor Pieces for your Holiday Party

The holidays are just around the corner and the party season is in full swing! Whether you’re planning a small intimate get-together or a full-scale holiday blowout, we’ve got the perfect touches for any holiday event!

Create Ambiance with Candles

Using pillar candles in various sized hurricane holders will create a timeless and elegant feel to any table setting. The warm glow they exude is the perfect choice to add a holiday ambiance during your get-together.

Gushing Mint Julep Cups

The charming shine of mint julep cups filled with red, white, and green florals will make an excellent addition to your table centerpiece. For added holiday whimsy, consider including a single red and white candy cane into the arrangement.

Garland Runners

Perhaps you prefer adding a naturally chic element to your holiday setting. A garland runner may seem simplistic, but these swags of green can incorporate just about any other items you choose to set your table with. The end result creates an element of classic holiday charm while keeping up with the trends of today.

Holiday Centerpiece

From poignant poinsettias to ravishing roses, there are endless possibilities when creating the “piece de resistance” to your holiday table setting. For a vintage-chic look, consider incorporating paperwhites sprinkled with a cedar sprig or two. You could also make a less subtle statement by filling a holiday container with hydrangeas and sprigs of holly which is sure to grab your guest’s attention

Cocktail Decor

No holiday party can truly be complete without a cocktail or two… so why should your table setting be any different? Something as simple as adding a sprig of mint or rosemary into that holiday beverage is sure to keep your guests merry and bright!

Five Floral Must-Haves For Your Fall Wedding

Five Floral Must-Haves For Your Fall Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. With all your most loved friends and family arriving, we know you’re looking to set the scene of your wedding day with floral design that complements your style as a couple, your venue, and your dreams for the day, leaving a lasting impression on your guests of a wedding that is uniquely yours.

We think fall is the perfect time for a wedding ceremony that will give guests a reprieve from summer heat. Moreover, (and at the risk of sounding cliché), it’s hard not to swoon over October’s traditional dark colors and festive decorations. So in the celebration of this lovely time of year, we’ve found an array of red and orange-inspired floral that you can present to your florist or wedding planner, to give you the chic autumn wedding of your dreams.

Wispy Plumes
Photographer: Brooke Schwab
Any wedding past September gives you the chance to design for unique Fall florals. Try a plume, which is a light and feathery flower that will bring an airy, classy, and dare we say cozy look to a bright bunch. It’s the perfect look for an extraordinary bridal bouquet.

Photographer: The Cotton Collective

For a statement decoration that brightens the dining room, try an orange magnolia garland to steal the show. We like this special garland for a table runner that will captivate guests while they reflect on the ceremony that just took place. This magnetic look can also be recreated to cover the altar and benches or anywhere else that desires an elegant, holiday-like touch.

Pampas Grass
Photographer: Unknown

Pampas Grass is the perfect background to complement a bride and groom. Perfectly placed in aisles or strewn in seating arrangements, you can use this feather-like grass to brighten up a room, and use it in bulk as well.

When placed behind the altar, it creates a serene and subtle environment, so you and your husband-or-wife-to-be can be the main focus. Or, you may balance it out with a contrasting dark color to create a more eye-catching bunch around the wedding grounds.

Red Scabiosa
Photographer: Joseph West

Red Scabiosa are enchanting flowers, popularly used for fall weddings everywhere, and for good reason. The rich amber or red is the perfect touch to an otherwise delicate bouquet made for bridesmaids or the bride herself.

If you’ve decided on another bouquet, red scabiosa can also be used as decoration, in centerpieces, or bouquets set out on tables.

Cappuccino Roses
Photographer: Joseph West

Cappuccino Roses are a specialty pink rose with a coffee bean or beige tint to them, giving them a vintage feel. They’re ideal for a timeless arrangement that can be placed anywhere. And how appropriately named, since their creamy essence charms most who come across them.

We hope these floral suggestions inspire your florist and planner to present wedding ideas you’ll love. For more inspiration on floral decorations for any occasion, visit the “Private Events” page.