Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Tyna and Micah’s wedding day was the epitome of the enchanting fairy tale wedding come true.

The couple held their intimate celebration at the River Oaks Garden Club while serving up sweet subtle florals and whimsical vibes, that emanated a love so pure and strong we couldn’t help but believe that happily ever after does exist.

Have you ever seen dreamier bouquets?

To achieve the soft toned look this beautiful bride requested, our design team combined Sahara, Quicksand, Vendela, Polo, and Tibet roses to give her just an airy fairy tale feel. For added texture and a voluminous appearance, the team decided to incorporate white cloud spray roses and white cremon mums. To add a touch of daintiness, a little white phlox as included in each bouquet.

These charming bouquets could not have been a more perfect accessory to these angelic bridesmaid dresses and of course, the bride herself!

The reception centerpieces mirrored the wedding party florals.

We strategically placed magnolia leaves were incorporated to add texture amongst the blend of creamy delicate tones.

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Light Bright and Summer Delight!

Light Bright and Summer Delight!

‘Tis the season to add life and an abundance of harmonious colors to any summer event, so what better way to achieve this notion than by creating vibrant floral that really embody what this season has to offer.

Rustic style themes are all the buzz right so it’s no surprise seeing more outdoor elements being incorporated in today’s decor. Simple budget friendly items such as this galvanized tin we used for this stunning centerpiece makes for the ideal primitive base to really get this look going and leave guests wanting to recreate this very look at home!

Don’t be afraid to get a little daring and integrate a single, bold colored flower such as the eye-catching rogue protea, displayed above, creating the perfect focal point to really tie this piece together. How’s that for pretty in pink?

Big, Bold and Beautiful

Are the 3 words that emanate from this breathtaking dreamy bouquet. One of the key elements that makes this arrangement so voluminous in size is the blend of pastel colors which creates the illusion of bigger flowers due to the subtle and soft pigmentation. Paired with the perfect cascading forest green sprigs this enchanting assortment is sure to make an impressive appearance at any summer wedding and have guests fidgeting with anticipation to be the lucky ones that catch it!

Leonardo Da Vinci said it best when he indicated that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. This energetic little bouquet exhibits the perfect balance of effortless beauty intertwined with a vivid aura making this a sensational arrangement to really bring life and soul to any summer party!

Do you enjoy looking up and admiring the evening twilight sky?

This dreamy centerpiece radiates the same ethereal energy at a convenient and pleasantly fragrant distance. This bouquet gracefully mimics a harmonious golden hour summer sky by encompassing an assortment of cantaloupe, mauve, and salmon hues making it a perfect touch to any midsummer event.

Summertime is all about having fun and taking risks, seeing what works and what doesn’t so we got a little creative and played around with vibrant colors, bold textures and contrasting flowers. This design exhibits the perfect amount of iridescence from the abundance of wildflowers to the pastel pink roses that add the perfect little touch of sophistication and lightness. We also wanted to incorporate a bit of a full and fluffy textured look so what better floral piece to use than pink hydrangeas to give this decor just that. To finish off we decided on vivid greens which really gave it bursting, quirky finish.

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When in Doubt, Add Peonies!

When in Doubt, Add Peonies!

Peonies – a soft dreamy bridal obsession!


We took advantage of this very popular bloom’s peak season this June and created some of our favorite floral designs to date! With their large size, seemingly endless petals, and bold colors, peonies sure know how to take center stage in any design.

From an eye-catching bridal bouquet to a lush centerpiece, there’s a reason this versatile bloom is a crowd favorite.

Our lovely June bride was going for a bright multi-colored summer wedding and this coral peony was the perfect supporting bloom for the centerpieces. The oversized bud added a lushness to the arrangements and complimented the color scheme.

Used as a filler, the size of the coral peony compliments the arrangement and heightens the overall look. With  multiple colors and textures to work with, pairing your peonies with hydrangeas and smaller blooms will help maximize your budget and look.

Not all peonies are the same, some come in “fluffy” form such as these stunning mauve blooms.

This peony was the perfect tone to add depth to this moody set up. The mauve color worked in harmony with the unexpected elements incorporated into the table arrangements — yes, there are grapes and eggplant hidden in this beauty!

The overall design amplified the table setting and blue backdrop for this stunning “Something Blue” shoot.

Can you imagine something more romantic than white peonies in your bridal bouquet?

 The classic white blooms added a dreamy quality to this purple inspired bouquet. The bright hues of the crisp white peonies and pale pink garden roses contrasted the deep purple hues, creating this gorgeous romantic bouquet.

Is pink your color?

This sweet summer bride went with a hot pink peony as the focal point for her perfectly curated centerpieces.

From lisianthus, to red ranunculus and Alstroemeria, to three different kinds of roses including spray roses, garden roses, and Akito roses, this fluffy pink showstopper tied the design together and added just that little something extra.

To take advantage of the Peony season next spring/early summer, give our floral designers a call. Our team can help you maximize the look you’re going for, “lush peony dream” obviously, without going over the top.

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Florist

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Florist

The cornerstone of beautiful wedding décor is the floral arrangements. Flowers are essential for any wedding and traditionally, have been used to dress up and accentuate an already beautiful ceremony. If you are planning a wedding, then you should know what to consider when choosing a floral designer for your dream day.

Everyone loves beautiful flowers; they can be used to create a warm and festive atmosphere, bring in color, or add softness to your wedding décor.

They also carry a message and various colors have historically symbolized themes of love, joy, friendship, devotion, and abundance.

Florals are your secret weapon in bringing your wedding to life, so take care when considering which of the amazing floral designers in Houston to use for your big day.

 Here are some steps you should consider before deciding on a Houston floral designer for the happiest day of your life:

Consider the time of year

Flowers appear at almost all weddings, regardless of the time of the year. However, depending on the season, certain varieties of your favorite blooms may be more available than others. LBJ Floral & Events can help you decide on the best flowers to use depending on the month of your wedding.

Unless you’ve always dreamt of a specific bloom being incorporated into your designs, it’s best to work with florals that are in season. Out of season florals are more difficult to source, more expensive, and it can be difficult to guarantee quality. If you love Peonies but are having a September wedding, talk to your floral designer about incorporating garden roses, ranunculus, or lisianthus instead.

Regardless of the season, the designers at LBJ Floral & Events will know which flowers work best in each season and will work with you to ensure your vision is fulfilled.

Consider the type of wedding celebration

Flowers are a huge part of wedding décor and your style and choice of blooms can set the stage for the type of wedding you’ve planned. Depending on the kind of wedding celebration you have chosen, your choice of flowers may vary. If you’re more traditional, a classic tulip bouquet may be right up your alley. Or floral designs of soft and whimsical wildflowers may be more in line for a bohemian theme. Your style and theme can be enhanced and mirrored by your floral designs, so make sure to discuss your overall wedding ideas with your designer.

Consider the venue

When choosing your wedding décor, consider the venue itself. A grand ballroom, farmhouse, or outdoor garden venue all have different restrictions and opportunities that come with them.

With larger or less ornate venues, there may be more opportunity to integrate hanging installations, floral walls, or grand tablescapes into the layout. If the venue already has a style of its own or you like a more low-key look, you may opt for more candles and low table arrangements.

Whatever your style or your venue, the designers at LBJ Floral & Events can help you utilize your florals and décor in a way that matches your dream.

Choice of Bridal bouquet

Your bridal bouquet is a wedding focal point. It’ll be the centerpiece of numerous wedding photos, hides those happy shaky hands when you walk down the aisle and is the envy of others at the end of the night when tossed to all the single ladies.

With that much focus on one arrangement, you’ll want to ensure your bouquet is exactly what you’ve always dreamt of. This is where your floral designer comes in.

With your vision in mind, the floral designers at LBJ Floral & Events will work with you to create that envy-worthy bouquet. Your wedding style, color palette, dress and veil style, and favorite blooms all come in to play when designing the brides’ bouquet.

The more traditional tight and round is no longer the only option; try something fresh like a loose whimsical design, a hand-tied garden beauty, or a big bold colorful display. Discuss the style of bouquet you’ve been thinking of with your floral designer and let her come up with a bouquet that will wow not only your guests but you too!

Floral experience

When it comes to your big day, you want people involved who are knowledgeable and experienced and it is no different when it comes to your florals and décor.

When deciding on which Houston floral designer to choose, you want someone who listens and understands your vision. Someone who will give expert advice on which florals work best, what color palette goes with your theme, and how to maximize the impact in your venue.

In the end, you’ll want a floral designer that makes you feel heard and works with you to make your day everything you’ve always dreamt of, and that’s what the designers here LBJ Floral & Events live to do.

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Stunning Summer Outdoor Venues

Stunning Summer Outdoor Venues

Sweet, sweet summertime

Booking a summer wedding date not only lends itself to some of the most coveted blooms but also provides the opportunity to embrace the outdoors for your dream wedding.

Take advantage of the sunny forecast and incorporate the scenery, for a wedding that embraces your guests and has that natural complete feel. There are many aspects of the summer months to love and our team is here to help you incorporate them into your big day.

 This elegant wedding at the Houston Zoo was a dream come true for the bride who dreamt of celebrating her big day at her favorite childhood spot.

The canopy of the majestic oak trees will envelop you and your guests, while the reflecting pool evokes a dreamy sense of wonder as the koi peak out to say hello. This bride adorned the ancient oaks with chandeliers and florals to add a sense of sophistication to the reception.

This wild venue is perfect for reminiscing about your favorite childhood memories and truly unleashing your creativity.

This natural gem is a favorite of our brides and it is clear why. The stunning garden venue evokes the feel of being in a movie and gives off serious secret garden vibes.

With the lush natural surroundings, there isn’t much to be done but to enjoy the stunning scenery surrounding your dreamy wedding!

Embrace the blooms and greenery by accenting them with overflowing arrangements or a custom archway for the altar to truly pull-off the secret garden feel.

The nestled embrace of the towering hedges and unique architectural details of this classic Charleston garden are sure to make you fall in love with its charm and give a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This bride and groom kept their color palette neutral to compliment the outdoor garden and tie into the natural surroundings.

Classic garden venues like this are perfect for the couple who appreciates the outdoors and the elements it provides. Keep your décor simple with low classic arrangements and hurricane candles to really take advantage of the cozy garden feel.

Intimate weddings have a special charm to them.

This sweet couple wanted a small cozy gathering and chose to wed in a local plant house surrounded by gorgeous seasonal color and natural plantings.

Florals from the bride’s bouquet were incorporated into the ceremony to showcase their personalities and add in that special touch.

Small local venues are a great option for that intimate cozy feel. Our team works with the existing details to create a cohesive design that doesn’t compete with the natural beauty of the space.

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Dreamy Stationery Pairings

Dreamy Stationery Pairings

When it comes to floral design, we explore every wedding element for inspiration.

One of our biggest inspirations is your stationery! Your invites set the tone and give your guests a sneak peek into your wedding’s theme.

We gathered a few of our favorite floral and stationery pairings and included a bit of an insight into the inspiration behind it!

Green Goodness

The heavy green and soft floral border around the suites served as an inspiration to create an overflowing arrangement with a balance of dark green and soft tones of pink and white floral in a rose gold vessel.

The green hues were the main focus of the design and reflected the border used on the wedding invite.

Summer Elopment

Perfect for a classic summer wedding.

This blue-hued invite inspired us to bring out our ginger jars!

The ginger jar vessels reflected the watercolor painting of the Chinese temples, while the gold magnolias leaves and soft white florals mirrored the supporting stationary suite.


Jeweled Garden

Nothing stands between a girl and her jewels!

Our bride wanted to focus on rich deep tones such as purples, pinks, and teals. The wedding invitations and table cards reflected the facets and hues of a jewel.

To continue the theme through to the florals, our team incorporated touches of jeweled toned blooms in the bridal bouquet and table arrangements.

A Classic Beauty

A simple design with detailed florals peaking from the inside of the envelope served as the inspiration for this rustic chic wedding.

Lush all- white floral and greenery arrangements in classic stone urns sat atop white linens, reflecting the sweet simplicity of the suite.

The simple design sparked the inspiration for the classic romantic look the bride had always dreamt of.

Happiness in Blush

To kick-off a lifetime of happiness, this couple’s paper details featured the Chinese symbol for happiness in gold foil. This distinctive feature was carried through to the reception with moss covered happiness symbols.

Pink tones from the envelopes and rsvp cards were carried through to the lush centerpieces and napkins, highlighting the soft blush theme.




Dreamy Houston Zoo Wedding

Dreamy Houston Zoo Wedding


It all started with frequent trips to the zoo as a young child and a de Gournay’s Amazonia wallpaper. This was the ultimate inspiration for Cat and Winston’s incredibly dreamy Houston Zoo Wedding.

Cat continued the theme throughout the wedding design with thoughtful details that were meant to stand out. Such as, her my grandmother’s collection of ginger jars, zoo-animal topiaries, a blueprint seating chart drafted by Winston (an incredible architect), a face painting station for kids of all ages, Barnum’s Animal Crackers for parting favors and her wedding shoes which were ​Aquazurra for de Gournay, in the exact print as the inspirational wallpaper.

Cat’s bouquet was a lush combo of off-white and blush blooms such as: white peonies, antique hydrangea, clematis, ranunculus butterfly, as well as secret garden and pink O’Hara roses for a pop of color.

Meticulously designed wedding invitations introduced the zoo theme to their 300 guests.  Cat combined the de Gournay Amazonia wallpaper with her favorite zoo animals to set the tone and give their guests a glimpse of what they could expect on the big day.

For an extra personal touch, a similar design to her grandmother’s ginger jars was printed on the wedding envelopes.

By far one of our biggest projects, our team went through over 2,000+ blooms and greenery!

The head table contained 33 stone urns with a mixture of pastels and blues, with minimal greens; while large trumpet vessels overflowing with green foliage added height and petite mint juleps cups were employed to accent the arrangements and punctuate each stone urn.

Custom made de Gournay Amazonia linens were laid over Tuscany light blue linens for added contrast and accents.

There were 6 distinct patterns and colored linens used throughout the reception, including a green pattern for the cake table and a blue china pattern for round guest tables.

Twenty ginger jars overflowing with blush and white blooms with touches of greenery were placed atop the guest tables to continue the theme. The ginger jars were compliments of Cat’s grandmother adding a very special touch that was incorporated into the overall theme, truly setting her wedding apart.

This couple made sure their wedding was truly unique, from the invitations to the wedding cake and Cat’s shoes, allowing guests to see their personality shine throughout every design element.

This Houston Zoo wedding was so unique and magical event that it was featured on Martha Stewart Weddings this month! We were so excited to share a mutual dream come true from both our end and Cat’s!

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Dreamy Spring Bouquets

Dreamy Spring Bouquets

Spring brides, they say you are the lucky ones… you get to walk down the aisle with the most coveted of blooms. And boy, will these gushing spring bouquets make you shine on your biggest day!

We can’t promise that choosing the right one amongst all the gorgeous choices will be a breeze, but we have gathered some of our favorites to help make your decision a little easier.

Sweet Wildflower Bouquets

If you could walk through a field of wildflowers and pick your favorites, this bouquet would be it. A loose and heavily textured bouquet straight from the blooming field, wrapped in silk ribbons to send you down the aisle.

Choosing a wildflower bouquet will give your big day a more natural and romantic feel.

Oh, so Natural!

A classic green and white combo will give you that sophisticated yet natural look you’ve been yearning for.

With a clean and timeless look, Natural bouquets complement any style of wedding dress and won’t draw attention away from the star of the show. Even better, they go with nearly every color scheme and will fit in with your celebration’s style no matter the formality of the day!

Romance Wrapped in Silk

If you’re going for high romance on your wedding day, the feel can be carried through from your wedding veil down to your bouquet and into your venue décor.

Add romantic touches by adding in soft blooms and warm colors; combine them with a touch of texture by adding in natural greens and darker blooms for the perfectly balanced, romantic wedding bouquet.

Be Bold

With spring, comes the bright blooms! With more of a variety of colors to choose from, why wouldn’t you want to go bold with your wedding bouquet?

Think blues and purples or orange and magenta hues, something bright enough for your groom to spot his future wife and shed a tear or two!

Whether you’re a natural, romantic, classic, or bold bride, we want to help you chose the florals that are right for you. Give our team a call today to discuss your wedding inspiration!

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Citrus-Infused Texas Wedding

Citrus-Infused Texas Wedding


This lovely Texas bride was all about color for her wedding. From bright yellows to deep reds, we worked our way through a rainbow of colored blooms and citrusy scents.

The barn setting of Beckendorff Farms was the perfect backdrop for this sweet Texas wedding. Handcrafted elements of the venue were pulled into the overall design to create a natural-meets-glam color-infused wedding.

Twelve gorgeous bridesmaid’s bouquets were created to include a mix of colorful florals such as Hot Eskimo Roses, Peach Ranunculus, Stock flowers, and a variety of greens for a splash of texture.

The colorful theme continued through to the bride’s bouquet, where red stems of Ranunculus and Gloriosa were added to complement the bridesmaid’s dresses.

This wedding party’s florals were chock-full of color and texture!

Colorful blooms are all the more effective in a minimalist setting.

The barn style venue is an all wooden estate, from the high beams to their signature French “X” back wooden chairs, allowing the colorful palette to truly pop!

Cream colored linens were placed on the round guest tables with cheesecloth runners on the farm tables. This curated mix of neutral tones and textures allowed the colorful arrangements to draw the eye.

Three designs were strategically placed on guests’ tables to create a panoply of color, texture, and height, including tall gold cages gushing with greenery and hydrangeas for an added touch of texture.

A cluster of blooming bud vases with cylinders and pillar candles added a touch of romance to the round guest tables.

While gold compotes bursting with bright blooms added a splash of vibrant fun.

Long family-style farm tables were adorned with a romantic setting straight from a fairytale, the cheesecloth runners and pillar candles added a hint of romantic softness to stone urns filled with bright blooms and citrus elements.

Combining florals and citrus fruit created a beautiful fresh aroma that wafted throughout the room, setting the tone for this Texas theme evening.

Our team loves to work with couples with unique visions for their special day and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings for all of our happy couples!

Stay tuned!

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5 Beautiful Blooms to add to your Spring Wedding!

5 Beautiful Blooms to add to your Spring Wedding!



Spring has sprung and it’s gushing with gorgeous blooms!

They say Spring brides are the luckiest because some of the most beautiful flowers bloom in the warm spring sun.


Peonies are known for coming in bright spring colors and having an excess of fluffy petals.

A Coral Charm peony is an early-blooming semi-double (a flower with two or three times the normal number of petals), whose deep coral buds open to form glowing chalices of smooth coral peach.

Pop one of these peachy babies in your bouquet or arrangements to add some eye-catching color!


Ohh tulips, our one true love!

The most colorful of all spring flowers and a favorite among gardeners, as they are one of the easiest flowers to grow!

These sweet blooms stand tall and pretty adding a touch of simple elegance and height to any spring bouquet!

Juliet Garden Rose

Juliet Garden Roses are known for their full-petaled look and ruffled edges, and is a classic selection for soft, vintage, and shabby chic themes!

The Juliet rose is perfect for adding a sense of vintage romance to any antique-inspired look!


Hydrangeas are a top 10 wedding favorite!

Adding these colorful and oversized blossoms brings a lush, voluminous feel to just about any arrangement.

Hydrangeas can be used as filler to add texture and a little oomph to your florals, or as a colorful standout piece to draw the eye.


He loves me, he loves me not… he definitely loves me!

With layers and layers… and layers of petals, Ranunculus is currently one of the trendiest wedding blooms!

These sweet delights are more readily available than peonies, add a soft elegance to your arrangements, and come in a multitude of colors.

Ranunculus are perfect for every spring palette!

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