There is no denying that the Houston summer is brutal. But when the night rolls in, sometimes we’re lucky enough for the heat to break and give way to a truly amazing outdoor dining experience.
Gardens are made to be enjoyed, and your outdoor spaces are as much a reflection of you are your interior spaces or your attire and personal presentation. So, when you have an opportunity to dine al fresco or host an al fresco dining opportunity, seize it with these tips!

Set the stage: in every garden or yard there is framework. Either a patch of shade, a flowering hedge, or if you’re very lucky, there is an existing structure to set your table off. Not only does it create a focus, but it also creates a flow for the event.

The Power of a Place Setting: charger, charger, charger. Nothing makes an impact like the elegance of a charger. Woven, wooden, ceramic … it all works.

Napkins, and Menus and Greens … Oh My!: Take elements from your garden or yard to set off your napkins. Tie with a sprig of herbs if you have an herb garden blooming. Rose bush nearby? Snip a few blooms and gently lay them across the plate. Unify your yard and table with natural elements. And don’t feel like a printed menu is overkill. It’s thoughtful and ties the entire setting together

Flowers and Candles and Their Dual Purpose: Yes, mosquitos and gnats are just part of summer in the South. But setting off your statement floral centerpiece with candles offers a little buffer for those pesky bugs. Not to mention they set the tone for an intimate dining experience

Family Style Dining: Keeping a stunning, but single centerpiece framed by pretty, contained candles as a focus allows for passed trays of food from appetizers to salads to pizzas. Passing the plates makes a more interactive dinner and for a dinner party of 6 to 16 this makes a fun impact and memorable evening

Al fresco dining is a way to celebrate the warmer season and is one of our favorite parts of southern entertaining!
*thanks to Swift & Co. for the dining pieces and Kelli Durham for the photos!
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