The cornerstone of beautiful wedding décor is the floral arrangements. Flowers are essential for any wedding and traditionally, have been used to dress up and accentuate an already beautiful ceremony. If you are planning a wedding, then you should know what to consider when choosing a floral designer for your dream day.

Everyone loves beautiful flowers; they can be used to create a warm and festive atmosphere, bring in color, or add softness to your wedding décor.

They also carry a message and various colors have historically symbolized themes of love, joy, friendship, devotion, and abundance.

Florals are your secret weapon in bringing your wedding to life, so take care when considering which of the amazing floral designers in Houston to use for your big day.

 Here are some steps you should consider before deciding on a Houston floral designer for the happiest day of your life:

Consider the time of year

Flowers appear at almost all weddings, regardless of the time of the year. However, depending on the season, certain varieties of your favorite blooms may be more available than others. LBJ Floral & Events can help you decide on the best flowers to use depending on the month of your wedding.

Unless you’ve always dreamt of a specific bloom being incorporated into your designs, it’s best to work with florals that are in season. Out of season florals are more difficult to source, more expensive, and it can be difficult to guarantee quality. If you love Peonies but are having a September wedding, talk to your floral designer about incorporating garden roses, ranunculus, or lisianthus instead.

Regardless of the season, the designers at LBJ Floral & Events will know which flowers work best in each season and will work with you to ensure your vision is fulfilled.

Consider the type of wedding celebration

Flowers are a huge part of wedding décor and your style and choice of blooms can set the stage for the type of wedding you’ve planned. Depending on the kind of wedding celebration you have chosen, your choice of flowers may vary. If you’re more traditional, a classic tulip bouquet may be right up your alley. Or floral designs of soft and whimsical wildflowers may be more in line for a bohemian theme. Your style and theme can be enhanced and mirrored by your floral designs, so make sure to discuss your overall wedding ideas with your designer.

Consider the venue

When choosing your wedding décor, consider the venue itself. A grand ballroom, farmhouse, or outdoor garden venue all have different restrictions and opportunities that come with them.

With larger or less ornate venues, there may be more opportunity to integrate hanging installations, floral walls, or grand tablescapes into the layout. If the venue already has a style of its own or you like a more low-key look, you may opt for more candles and low table arrangements.

Whatever your style or your venue, the designers at LBJ Floral & Events can help you utilize your florals and décor in a way that matches your dream.

Choice of Bridal bouquet

Your bridal bouquet is a wedding focal point. It’ll be the centerpiece of numerous wedding photos, hides those happy shaky hands when you walk down the aisle and is the envy of others at the end of the night when tossed to all the single ladies.

With that much focus on one arrangement, you’ll want to ensure your bouquet is exactly what you’ve always dreamt of. This is where your floral designer comes in.

With your vision in mind, the floral designers at LBJ Floral & Events will work with you to create that envy-worthy bouquet. Your wedding style, color palette, dress and veil style, and favorite blooms all come in to play when designing the brides’ bouquet.

The more traditional tight and round is no longer the only option; try something fresh like a loose whimsical design, a hand-tied garden beauty, or a big bold colorful display. Discuss the style of bouquet you’ve been thinking of with your floral designer and let her come up with a bouquet that will wow not only your guests but you too!

Floral experience

When it comes to your big day, you want people involved who are knowledgeable and experienced and it is no different when it comes to your florals and décor.

When deciding on which Houston floral designer to choose, you want someone who listens and understands your vision. Someone who will give expert advice on which florals work best, what color palette goes with your theme, and how to maximize the impact in your venue.

In the end, you’ll want a floral designer that makes you feel heard and works with you to make your day everything you’ve always dreamt of, and that’s what the designers here LBJ Floral & Events live to do.

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